Alexa Capital UK Energy Report

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UK Energy in perspective:
Is there a better way forward?

UK energy prices are the highest in Europe, and set to rise further over the course of the decade. High energy costs are bad for British competitiveness. The UK government must find a way to balance the country's energy needs with longer-term economic and environmental issues, or it will lose badly-needed investment. Our report highlights four paths toward achieving a low cost and secure energy future for Britain.

Alexa Capital Third Energy Revolution Report

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British Energy
Market Reform

Technology is transforming the global energy landscape and Britain stands at a crossroads. The opportunity is vast: to emerge as leaders in the global digital energy revolution. But a paradigm shift is needed and the current draft Energy Bill will not do. In this report we outline a different vision for the future of UK energy.

Alexa Capital Digital Energy Revolution Report

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The Dawning of the
Digital Energy Revolution

We have entered a transformational energy technology revolution. This revolution will wipe hundreds of billions from the value of those that are slow to embrace change, but will also create billions for those welcoming the new digital energy order. Our report reviews five transformational shifts impacting energy markets, as well as discussing who could profit, 10 'watershed' events to monitor and our perspectives on investment themes.