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"The energy transition brings monumental challenges, and grid operators are in dire need of innovative solutions. In North America, our DLR leadership positions us to help customers navigate the formidable 'renewables connection queue’ challenge in particular"
Frederic Vassort, CEO Ampacimon


  • Alexa Capital acted as exclusive financial advisor to Ampacimon on its strategic capital raise to accelerate growth of their proprietary grid monitoring solutions.
  • Ampacimon is the global leader in deployed dynamic line rating systems using high-end sensors and data analytics to optimize the operation of the world’s most critical energy infrastructure.
  • Ampacimon offers holistic solutions to grid operators and utilities including capacity optimisation, asset health and grid reliability through a mix of technology enabled sensors and software analytics.
  • Led by Junction Growth, the financing will accelerate Ampacimon’s expansion of its grid optimisation software across key markets including Europe and the US.


Alexa Capital’s role

  • Alexa Capital managed and executed the fundraising process through focused market engagement with qualified potential investors with capabilities to add strategic value.
  • Alexa Capital successfully positioned Ampacimon’s fundamentals including position in the grid optimisation high growth market, articulating the sizeable opportunity, and advised on all elements of market engagement.
  • The transaction highlights the value of Alexa Capital’s digital energy expertise and its extensive investor network as well as its abilities to articulate investment fundamentals and deliver an optimal outcome for shareholders.


Market implications

Most grid assets operate at less than 50% of their true capacity because they lack visibility on real time actual capacity. With its leading position and its proven technology, Ampacimon is well placed to service grid operators and utilities in a cost-effective way and providing visibility and intelligence to a global multi-billion market.





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