Sale of 340MW gas peakers portfolio


"Alexa Capital worked with tenacity over an extended period to manage our recapitalisation process which has enabled us to weather challenging market conditions and ultimately achieve a successful exit."
Alan Baker, CEO, Forsa Energy


  • In October 2020, Alexa Capital concluded the sale of Forsa Energy Ltd (“Forsa”) to Tiger Infrastructure Partners
  • Forsa was a Riverstone Holdings LLC backed platform with a 650MW portfolio of flexible gas-fired distributed power generation (340MW of which was operational, in construction or at a late stage of development)
  • Alexa acted as exclusive financial and strategic advisor



  • Alexa Capital advised on detailed preparation & positioning, engagement with investors & buyers across three continents, deal structuring, negotiation and project management through transaction completion
  • Our in-depth collaborative advice and relationships have brought significant value beyond transaction support, maximising value for shareholders



  • Underlines the need for flexible power to support the integration of renewable generation with Forsa set to be one of the principal operators of gas-fired peaking power and positioned to participate in the consolidation of this asset class
  • Supports market expectations that capital will continue to flow into distributed flexible power, including batteries and the control of consumption




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