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Alexa Capital acted as exclusive financial advisor to Habitat on its sale to Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners. Habitat is the leading algorithmic trading platform and services provider for grid-scale battery storage with 180 MW of contracted battery storage assets in the UK. Quinbrook is a leading investor in flexible power assets investing in renewables, storage and grid support infrastructure in the US, UK and Australia. The investment, along with Quinbrook’s acquisition of demand-side flexibility provider Flexitricity, underpins the firm’s commitment to continued investment in critical flexibility capacity and storage to support the energy transition. 



Alexa Capital managed and executed the M&A process on behalf of Habitat, targeting qualified potential strategic and institutional investor partners with capabilities to support the company’s future growth plan. Alexa Capital advised on deal structuring & negotiation, plus all elements of market engagement with institutional and strategic buyers including detailed disclosure management. The transaction highlights the value of Alexa Capital’s power markets expertise, abilities to articulate investment fundamentals, execution capabilities maintaining competitive alternatives throughout the process and extensive investor network.



The acquisition will accelerate Habitat’s international growth and facilitate the continued deployment of flexibility assets across the UK in a market that has seen historically high volatility in prompt power prices over the past 12 months. The acquisition also highlights the increasing importance of optimising merchant based revenues in underpinning the financial business case for front-of-the-meter battery projects in a market that has traditionally relied on ancillary services. Quinbrook stated: “Recent instability in both the UK and US power markets have highlighted how critical flexible capacity and storage are to supporting the energy transition, and Quinbrook believes this will only increase”.



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