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"Battery storage is a linchpin technology for decarbonizing the electricity sector. This funding will allow us to help even more businesses reach their economic and environmental targets"
Derek Lim Soo, CEO, Peak Power


▪ Alexa Capital acted as exclusive financial advisor to Peak Power’s USD35m strategic capital raise to accelerate growth of their proprietary DERs optimization software in North America.
▪ Peak Power is the leading Canada-based multi-asset optimization company for DERs. Their platform ingests 1.3billion data points daily and optimizes DERs (behind-the meter energy storage systems, electric vehicles and grid-interactive buildings) for economic and environmental benefits. Peak Power has a proven track-record in forecasting coincident peaks in multiple ISO regions in the US with over 95% accuracy. Their services also include in-house development, turnkey financing and engineering & management solutions.
▪ Led by Greenbacker Capital Management, the financing will accelerate Peak Power’s expansion of its optimization software offering across key markets, including New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, and California.



▪ Managing & executing the fundraising process through focused market engagement with qualified potential investors with capabilities to add strategic value.
▪ Supported on all elements of market engagement, including articulation and refinement of the business plan, engagement with strategic and institutional investors, detailed investor management and deal structuring and negotiation.
▪ Alexa Capital’s successful completion of the investment process for this transaction highlights their expertise in navigating challenging economic and capital markets, particularly in the flexible markets, through their extensive investor networks and clear articulation of investment fundamentals.



With this injection of capital, combined with the tailwinds from the Inflation Reduction Act, Peak Power will continue to lead and unlock the rapid growth of energy storage across North America. Peak Synergy, the flagship software, is currently deployed in over 13M sq. ft. of real estate, with ~150 MWh of battery and electric vehicle capacity under contract or committed




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