Bruce Huber

Bruce Huber

Chief Executive Officer

Bruce is CEO of Alexa Capital. Throughout his career, he has advised on hundreds of capital markets and M&A transactions, including IPOs, follow-ons, convertible & debt, energy project financing, as well as corporate finance, including public and private M&A.

Before establishing Alexa Capital, Bruce was previously Global Head of Cleantech Investment Banking for Jefferies & Co. where he led the industry group operating across offices in Frankfurt, London, New York, San Francisco, Mumbai and Shanghai.

He was also a member of the board of Jefferies International. At Jefferies, he helped found and build the #1 global industry equities, research and investment banking platform in the new energy sector, with substantial activities financing renewable energy and circular economy businesses.

Prior to Jefferies & Co, Bruce was CEO of Broadview International, a technology-focused investment bank.

He is a Princeton University graduate with a BSc in Engineering.

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