Federico Montagnini

Federico Montagnini


Federico is a Analyst at Alexa Capital and supports the team in providing clients with a full range of advice across the technology and energy sectors.


Before joining Alexa, Federico worked in the investment team at iAM Capital, an alternative investment group specializing in real estate, green energy and fintech. In addition, Federico previously worked in finance, strategy and operation in his small family business in the chemical industry and as a venture developer and data analyst at Disperse, a VC-backed startup in the field of construction AI and software for on-site productivity.


Federico graduated summa cum laude in Economics and Finance from Bocconi University and later studied Mathematics in Perugia and Padua. Prior to London, he lived in Italy, Australia and the US.


In his free time, Federico enjoys reading and writing non-fiction, running, travelling around Europe and exploring London comedy clubs. He is also a keen basketball player.




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