Henrik Olsen

Henrik Olsen

Co-Founder & Principal, Rethinking Capital

Henrik is currently the Co-founder and Principal of Rethinking Capital. Rethinking Capital is a collaboration initiative between a number of influential global investors who have a common belief in how the dynamics of exponentially accelerating and rapidly converging technologies, global connectivity and new business models are on the cusp of triggering a massive disruption across the world’s major industries and, by extension, society at large.

Henrik was also a founding partner of the Environmental Technologies Fund (ETF), a London-based venture capital fund backed by some of the world's leading institutional investors. ETF's mandate is to invest growth capital in Cleantech companies across Europe.

Prior to establishing ETF, Henrik was a Managing Director of GE Equity, GE's private equity business. During his 13 years with GE he was involved with transactions in a wide variety of industries and markets across Europe. He is also well known for his active and effective involvement on a number of boards of his investee companies throughout Europe. Henrik has an MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics, which included a scholarship exchange with the New York University, Stern School of business. Henrik is a member of the European Advisory Board of the Cleantech Venture Network.

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