João Alves

João Alves

Equity Research Analyst

João joined Alexa Capital as an Equity Research Analyst. 

In his role, João helps investors identify the best opportunities within the Energy Transition, covering energy infrastructure, energy technology, and e-mobility companies.

Before joining Alexa, João has had both investing and operating experience. He worked at both a sell-side and buy-side firm in London, covering payments and technology companies, as well as at a VC-backed, GenAI startup in London. 

João graduated in Law LLB from City, University of London with honours, earning the prize for best dissertation on the rise of Shareholder Activism in the UK. 

In his spare time, João unwinds through reading and watching films, making it a point to watch a new film each week. Beyond his love for books and cinema, he engages in strategy games like poker and chess, and actively participates in sports such as tennis, Muay Thai, and football. 



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