Sabrina Bulloch

Sabrina Bulloch

VP of Finance & Strategy

Sabrina's role as VP of Finance & Strategy Execution of Alexa Capital gives her broad responsibilities, including for the execution of the company strategy as set by the Alexa Capital Board and Partner Group.

Now in her fifth year, she is an integral part of the Alexa Capital team, expanding her leadership from finance and compliance further into strategy execution. Her broad role includes supporting the Alexa Capital Board in the development and execution of its long term strategy, managing Alexa Capital’s finance activities, mentoring the companies compliance & marketing function and encouraging corporate responsibility including the achievement of carbon neutrality for the company.

After successfully completing Lufthansa's management trainee program and achieving a BA (Hons), Sabrina relocated to London, where she qualified and worked as a charted accountant with KPMG. Subsequently, she was able to use her financial expertise to help the UK's No1 smoothie brand in its expansion into mainland Europe, taking responsibility for the financial and legal management of their German, Austrian and Swiss start-ups.

In her spare time, Sabrina enjoys spending time outdoors, be it cycling to work whatever the weather, trekking in Nepal with her family or walking from London to Brighton for charity.



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